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Fire Water Damage Restoration Marietta GA

Water and Fire Restoration Services

We are a Marietta-based water and fire restoration service provider focusing on emergency solutions. Our experienced team aims to restore properties to pre-damage condition, ensuring professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Water Damage Restoration Service

Rapid Water Extraction and Drying

Advanced equipment extracts water efficiently using pumps and dehumidifiers, preventing moisture damage and mould growth.

Moisture Detection and Mold Remediation

Identifying hidden moisture is crucial for mould and damage prevention, using specialized tools to detect and remediate moisture in walls, floors, and areas.

Structural Repairs and Reconstruction  

Water damage compromises structural property integrity; our team assesses, repairs, and reconstructs to restore affected elements.

Fire Damage Restoration

Soot and Smoke Removal

Experts remove fire residue, soot, and smoke from surfaces using advanced cleaning products to restore a clean environment.

Structural Assessment and Repair

Fire damages the Property’s structural components, requiring expert repair services like roof repair, wall reconstruction, and foundation restoration. The assessment ensures safety and stability.

Emergency Restoration Services Marietta

The rapid response team assesses property damage, evaluates its extent, identifies hazards, and develops customized emergency restoration plans.

Temporary Board-Up and Roof Tarpingal

The disaster-affected property requires temporary board-up and roof-tarping services to secure and prevent losses until permanent repairs are made.

Documenting losses for Insurance Claims

 We Handle insurance claims, document damage, prepare reports, and provide evidence through advanced water and fire restoration services.

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